The latest addition to my portfolio website – a gallery of fascist-era buildings in Forli, a city close to Mussolini’s hometown of Predappio and well-furnished with  modernist  buildings from that era as well as more monumental styles. The figure of Icarus stands outside the ex aeronautical academy, now part of the university.



New website

I am in the process of putting a new website together to showcase my work

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Scarborough to Burniston and back

Yesterday I walked along the coast from Scarborough to Burniston, stopped for lunch and a much-needed pint at the Three Jolly Sailors and walked back along the route of the old Scarborough to Whitby railway line. I have gone for picture postcard saturated colours with this set of images.


Totally Lost

One of my contributions to the Totally Lost project.

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Totally Lost is a is an open and evolving project: a photographic and video research throughout Europe to discover, survey and map the abandoned architectural heritage of the Totalitarian Regimes of the 20th century in Europe.

There are many buildings of great historical value which lie neglected all over Europe: institutional buildings, dwellings, monuments, bunkers, schools, etc. These places, once the ideologies that produced them disappeared, become the starting point of a visual research between architecture and memory, that investigates their relationship with the contemporary world.

Through the lenses of photographers, video makers and urban explorers Totally Lost aims at showing how these places representfragments to be reconnected in a network of new meanings to give, new contents to generate and new potential to value. The path and the participation become very sense of the project and forces us not to close definitively with the past, but to understand how bring these places into the future.

Photographies and videos are like a filter, that lets us question ourselves about things still burdened by memory.



Lasciare Libero

An oft-repeated notice on doors meaning keep clear, or else passo carrabile signifying no parking. A possible future mini project, I especially like the hand-made nature of the keep clear signs.