Ex colonie at Riccione on the Adriatic Coast

The history of children’s summer camps in Italy goes back to the late 1800’s and a few are still in use today. I have decided to confine my investigations into those constructed and used during the Fascist period (1922 to 1943) which Italians refer to as the ventennio fascista. The Fascist regime created a new calendar using Roman numerals so contemporary literature may refer for example to the year XV etc. This period includes the most architecturally significant and impressive colonie whose purpose was now geared to producing young Fascists. The joint involvement of church, state and industry was evident in their funding and running (Evidenced by names such as Pirelli, Olivetti, Piaggio and FIAT). Daily routines in the camps were regimented and officially proscribed comprising flag-raising, prayers, Fascist ideology, physical exercise and medical supervision.

riccione-2 riccione-3 riccione-4 riccione-5 riccione


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