A long day

Six hours lectures in Italian and drifting towards the end.

10.00 – 13.00 Cesare Fabbri, working in and around Ravenna. Following on from yesterday’s Italian take on Where We Live (Dove Viviamo) today’s presentation was based on the idea of American Road Trip, focused on the area around Ravenna.

We saw a number of photobooks and some of Cesare’s colour prints, from 5×4 negatives., very different from digital photos and prints. Lovely pure saturated colour, details that draw the viewer into the picture and a smooth quality to the whole. Film, at this scale anyway certainly has a lot going for it.

15.30 to 18.30 Mario Neve, Geography lecturer from Bologna University on development of the city – London, Paris, Rome etc. Meaning of Countryside / Paessagio and city. From the premise that photographers should be informed observers rather than simply observing without inference.

Useful contacts – an exhibition in Faenza on Colonia Montecatini, planning to visit Friday afternoon, and a group working on events within colonie at Cesenatico, to follow up.

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