Fascismo Abbandonato

This 2010 book by Dan Dubowitz with contributions from Penny Lewis, Patrick Duerden and Arne Winkelmann is still the major English Language publication devoted to the history and current state of Italian colonie di vacanze, focusing on those built during the twenty years of Fascism under Benito Mussolini.

The book comprises several essays, large colour photographs, archive material and notes on 13 of the most notable colonie and a useful bibliography.

The first colonia building I came across was Colonia Ferrovieri at Bellaria – Igea Marina (not in this book) but I discovered Fascismo Abbandonato early in my research and the biography led me to other key texts and catalogues of these buildings.

I recommend Dan’s book to anyone who is interested in learning more about these fascinating buildings built during a short but troubled period in Italy’s history.



2 thoughts on “Fascismo Abbandonato

  1. Thanks for posting this Tim – I had no knowledge of these colonie di vacanze – I have visited Chiavari in Liguria which is a beautiful town but with an extraordinary rotting cement monstrosity on its western edge close to the shore and very visible as you arrive by train from Genova. I guess this must have been one such building. Thanks for enlightening me.


    1. Hi
      You are welcome,yes the building almost on the beach at Chiavari was Colonia Fara which after many years of neglect is in the process of renovation and conversion into luxury residences. Other projects have failed and halted part way through but this seems to be progressing well.


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