The Gallery Wall

A day in London yesterday, including my usual visit to the Photographer’s Gallery. The galleries were closed in preparation for an exhibition of the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize shortlist which I hope to get an opportunity to see. I am particularly fond of the wonderful, insightful and quirky work of Eric Kessels and was able to reacquaint myself with some of his photobooks in the bookshop. Unfinished Father is a particularly moving contemplation of loss and unrealised dreams.

I spent the train journey home  thinking about our BA Photography degree show and gallery arrangement, literally mesmerised by the way that Wolfgang Tillmans exhibitions make use of the gallery space. His arrangements are structured and planned yet appear delightfully random, chaotic yet orderly. By all rights  the photographs should be fighting against each other yet they  complement each other and blend to form a harmonious whole, unintimidated by gallery conventions.

These ideas resonate with my photography project which hinges around past and present, ideologies, order and discipline in chaotic yet gentler decay and I am considering whether I can incorporate these elements into my display space. I have a collection of found and scavenged picture frames of diverse size, colour and material which I will attempt to use to create a different but hopefully successful arrangement.



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