Analogue work

On my first couple of trips to Italy I packed both analogue and digital camera equipment, struggling with cabin luggage weight restrictions and finding that when I was out it was actually difficult to use both together. As I moved my attention to the interiors of buildings I found digital to be easier as I could experiment with long exposures of up to 30 seconds and judge the results as I went along.

I took 6×4.5 medium format and 35mm cameras on different occasions, my analogue pictures seem to have a different aesthetic to the digital ones without any conscious differentiation but I think they offer no compelling reason to use film on this project. With film I would have the additional task of scanning a large number of negatives, there was a cost factor and a couple of my films ended up fogged, possibly the result of airport X ray machines. I bought a battery-powered external hard drive with SD slot, enabling me to back up my work at the end of each day for peace of mind.

On my more recent trips I shed the weight and travelled with my Sony A7r body, a couple of old manual Leica fit lenses and a lightweight tripod. Marrying a digital body with vintage lenses satisfied my liking for old stuff, cut down on weight and added a certain quality to the resulting images.The 50mm Leica Summicron seems able to achieve very sharp images combined with pleasing soft colours – dating from the 1950’s to 60’s it is not quite the same era as the colonie but I feel that it provides some degree of resonance with the subjects.


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