Overview of professional practice

I started this blog last summer in preparation for the final year of my photography BA -primarily to keep a record of progress as the year progressed.

I have posted fairly regularly and reached my 100th post a little while ago. It took a little while to see the point behind it but I kept on and as the number of posts grew I realised it was becoming a valuable history of the year. I found it useful for looking back and as a link that I could give out and I made useful contacts from people who came across my writing.

I haven’t covered al the events and exhibitions that I attended over the year but that was never my intention, I decided early on that I wasn’t going to feel guilty over not posting a write-up every time I attended something.

A blog  ‘timestamps’ when  I was working on particular aspects of my course and I found this useful in reviewing how my image making skills progressed and improved over the year. I can trace how the present focus of my project developed and follow the process of putting together edits for competitions, my degree exhibition and photobook.

Looking to the future,  I have received and accepted an offer on the Digital Media M.A. course at Huddersfield University starting next September and I am considering what I could concentrate on during that year. 


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