I am studying for a BA in Photography at Huddersfield University and am about to complete my second year.

This blog will primarily be a record of progress towards and through the final year of my course including the lows and highs.

My particular interests encompass urban, documentary and landscape photography.

I use both digital and film cameras of which I have a growing collection including Minolta, Bronica and Yashica.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tim, I’m flattered that you have put me in your web site. I would have liked to take pictures with you. I’ve seen your work and are very interesting. I personally know Camporesi is my friend! Let me know when you’re around here +39 335 6789555. If it pleases you I’ll send you a pdf with the photographic project of a book on holiday camps in Italy from fascita period to the present day. Greetings. Lorenzo


    1. Hi Lorenzo, Thank you very much. I intended to get in touch while I was in Cesenatico but have been unwell the last couple of days and fly home tomorrow.
      I would love the opportunity to join you in taking photographs and would very much like a pdf copy of the holiday camps project. I will certainly let you know when I’m next in your part of Italy. My email is leedstim@gmail.com Mobile +447957411174 Best wishes and I look forward to hearing from you.


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