Sacred and Profane

From my recent trip to Naples and earlier visits to cities such as Genoa, I was struck by the number of small shrines and religious imagery throughout the city and the common incongruity between them and their surroundings.


The Precursor Project

The Precursor Project (TPP) is an ongoing photographic archive project where we investigate the precursor moments leading up to (but not of) terrorist attacks using different photographic processes.

Founded by photographers Kate O’Neill and Nick Isden, the archive aims to educate us on the global community and improve our social conscience. By using existing images from contributing photographers, we will hopefully showcase when the unremarkable becomes the remarkable and how -in todays society- we document the world around us.

We will develop this project in chapters, using and identifying different photographic moments that document the precursor stages leading to these historic and detrimental events. Over the coming years we will collect images from pro and amateur photographers of the hours and days preluding a specific incident.

This is my contribution to the online part of the project:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 16.55.04


The title is from an Instagram hashtag

dedicated to the slow demise of Brighton’s West Pier. I always spend a few minutes contemplating this once-splendid structure whenever I get the opportunity of staying in Brighton. I visit in the early morning or evening when the light lends atmosphere to the place. This year I saw the  controversial; sky tower for the first time,  promoted as a 21st century version of the pier but I found it underwhelming, resembling an overgrown mobile phone mast more than anything else.


Across the border

I ventured across the border into red rose territory yesterday, taking a train to Arnside and walking via the Knott to Silverdale. This is a beautiful area of the country bounded by Morecambe Bay. I made it back to Yorkshire safely.

This is also an experiment in moving from my preference for undersaturated images towards what I see in all the tourist magazines though I can’t bring myself to add the all too typical tobacco filter.


Clapham village

Making the most of a welcome sunny day yesterday, I took the train to Clapham in North Yorkshire – any resemblance to Clapham London ends with the name. I thought of going up Pen-y-Ghent and across to Horton in Ribblesdale but feeling lazy, I opted for a wander around the village and a pub lunch.